Say hello to Niamh McEvoy, a young volunteer in our Moreton charity shop

Published on: 05/06/2021

Niamh 1

We previously told the story about the great Ann Dermody who has volunteered in our charity shops for over 24 years now. It served to show how Ann, alongside an army of over 140 volunteers in our seven charity shops, helps to keep things ticking over to raise those all-important funds for the compassionate care and specialist support services of Wirral Hospice St John’s.

Then we went to the other end of the scale to meet Niamh McEvoy,  just 22 years of age, who told us how much she enjoys volunteering at our Moreton shop and the special reasons for doing so.

(The original piece was written pre-pandemic and the charity shops are only just re-opening after another lockdown. However, Niamh is returning to undertake the volunteering role she’s missed so much and is looking forward, within the new government guidelines*, to be serving our hospice supporters once more). 

When you meet Niamh you’ll be struck by how gently she speaks. She smiles the whole time and you feel like you’d be well served if you came to ask a question about the merchandise at Moreton, or when you were ready to buy an item.

Our Moreton shop is one of the biggest in our portfolio (we also have shops in Heswall, West Kirby, Liscard, New Brighton, Birkenhead and Claughton) so there are plenty of pre-loved items to stir people’s interest. From full 3-piece suites, dining room sets, sideboards and furniture, through men’s, women’s, junior and baby clothing, bric-a-brac, books, toys and much more.

Sorting and displaying stock is a job in itself which Niamh helps with. She also meets customers and operates the till. She’s learning plenty of transferrable skills for her future.Niamh 2 (2)

Niamh tells me about her connection to Wirral Hospice St John’s. Her stepdad, John, who, alongside Niamh’s mum, Lyn, brought Niamh up from very young, attended our Wellbeing Centre in 2016 after his COPD had become particularly troublesome.

Like quite a few other patients, John was a little apprehensive at first on being referred to the hospice, but soon, given strategies for controlling his breathing and getting involved in other therapies and activities looked forward to his visits one day a week.

Niamh remembers how John would help another patient, a lady who was also losing her sight, by reading to her. The sense of community, the many laughs and still knowing he was making a significant contribution was important to him. John died in 2017 and Niamh knew straightaway that she wanted to give something back to the hospice.

Being naturally shy, Niamh would have found it a bit difficult at that time to make the first move to volunteering (not nowadays however, volunteering has really boosted  her confidence) so it was a happy coincidence that John’s nephew, Stephen (pictured here with Niamh), also volunteers at our Moreton shop and helped Niamh to settle in.

Niamh 3 (2)(Stephen’s own Dad, Ronnie, and his brother Robert had also been helped through life-limiting illnesses by Wirral Hospice St John’s and, on retirement four years ago from Cadbury’s at Moreton – the old Burton’s Biscuits – he also decided he wanted to volunteer to give back to the hospice).

In school, Niamh studied at The Kingsway Academy and gained A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics which led her, naturally, to doing a foundation degree in, Drama! What? Well, she wanted to do something different to improve her confidence.

She’s close to her Mum, Lyn, who works for Wirral Borough Council taking children, with autism and other social communications, to school. The ‘caring’ runs deep in Niamh’s family!

At our Moreton shop she’s a popular volunteer. She loves her volunteering colleagues Fran, Barbara and, of course, Stephen. She also mentions new shop manager, Dave, who has prepared the shop for its re-opening, in line with government coronavirus regulations. 

niamh and jordan

Niamh and boyfriend Jordan (with Niamh here on the right), often seen with her at other hospice events, have been going out together for a couple of years now. They enjoy lots of things but especially nice walks and have recently started running together.

“We’re thinking of doing a charity run, with sponsorship for the hospice, as soon as we can”

I think I can hear the other volunteers in the background, “Go for it, Niamh!”

Yes please Niamh, go for it! The hospice says a sincere Thank You for all that you do.

*Wirral Hospice St John’s charity shops have re-opened in line with current government coronavirus guidelines. For more information please check for updates on opening times and how you might make stock donations to our shops.