Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

Our wellbeing centre has a relaxed and happy atmosphere and can help to improve quality of life and independence.

You may be referred from inpatients or outpatients. If you stay at our hospice, or at discharge, you may be advised to attend the wellbeing centre which offers a range of support and activities aimed at rehabilitation.

Sessions take place each week from Tuesday - Friday.

You will remain under the care of your GP and will need to contact your GP if you are unwell between visits to our wellbeing centre.

What to expect

  1. You are encouraged to set your own goals and to talk about what matters to you
  2. We will discuss with you what options of care or therapies are available and how we can best support you. Click here to see what this may include 
  3. You will be cared for and supported by our specialist palliative care nurses, doctors and volunteers
  4. Carers, family and friends are encouraged to bring you in and are welcome to accompany you during your first visit
  5. When you come on further occasions, your family member, friend or carer may wish to join other patients’ carers, family and friends who meet in our Hub café. They may also wish to join our Family and Friends Support Group 
  6. When you are attending our wellbeing centre, there is a drop-off point in Car Park 1 directly outside outpatients. Click here for information about visitor parking
  7. There is also a minibus, catering for a limited number of patients, which can collect you and take you home. This will be discussed with you upon referral
  8. You can also choose to attend our Evergreen Group while you are attending or once you have been discharged

Please note: our hospice has a ‘No Smoking’ policy but a patients’ smoking room is available in our inpatients ward for those patients who specifically request its use.

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