Hands in Glove-r. Our new Clinical Services Manager, Lisa, leads from the front!

Published on: 30/04/2021

Lisa Glover is our ‘new’ Clinical Services Manager, responsible for the day to day running of our Inpatient Ward.

Normally we’d ‘welcome’ somebody to a new role, and we certainly do, but Lisa is not a ‘new’ face at the hospice, she’s been here for over 12 years!

Lisa emits positive energy for her job. Get her onto the subject of patient care and she absolutely lights up.  You can see that she is passionate about patient care and the hospice.

“It goes without saying that our patients are the most important people to us. I can’t tell you the inspiration I constantly feel, a real privilege.  It’s not always easy for our patients and their families, but the amount of times we’re able to laugh together, sometimes cry together, and, just, (Lisa takes a reflective pause) do… those…  everyday things. That’s what keeps us all going. We only get one chance to get it right.’


And, on her team Lisa expands the theme,

“We are all are honoured to work here, bringing specialist care to our patients. I couldn’t hope for a more committed group of professionals.  Nothing is too much trouble and they all strive for excellence in patient care.  They give 100%, always, and it is a real honour to work alongside such an amazing team. But, there’s honestly more, there’s a ‘real’ care. Going above and beyond, making precious moments for patients and for their families to treasure.  We realise that we’re all in it together, we share those everyday things and, sometimes, challenges within our own lives, so we treat every patient as we would like a member of our family treated. The people who work here are AMAZING!”

Lisa’s words come from the heart, she makes you feel motivated and valued.

Wirral through and through, having attended Pensby High School for Girls, she had her first weekend job in a nursing home at 16. That’s where her vocation for nursing began to take root.

A pre-nursing course, accredited at Wirral Met College, meant that she could train ‘on the job’ at Arrowe Park Hospital as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) and as her career progressed quickly to senior HCA she was seconded into full nurse training.

Long stints, over around 15 years, in various departments; neo-natal, cardiology, A&E, Medicine, surgical, ophthalmology and others, have given Lisa an all-round grounding in nursing care which has been enhanced since joining us in 2009.

At Arrowe Park two senior consultants picked up on her approach to patients in palliative care and suggested she had a natural gift for it. Lisa started to investigate how this might be her calling and started looking out for opportunities at the hospice.

And, believe it or not, it was the second interview after which Lisa was finally employed here!  Whoa, No way!

“If at first…..” she smiles. It’s all testament to her clear determination and dedication.

So, after joining Wirral Hospice as a Band 5 nurse.  Lisa became successful in achieving her qualification in Infection Prevention and Control and indeed successful at interview for the role as our Infection Control lead. A key role, which has been reinforced by what we’ve all been through in recent history, but Lisa has never looked back.

Lisa has also been in senior roles in the hospice, encompassing Clinical Governance, CQC standards, Quality Improvement and the Controlled Drug Accountable Officer; to which she represented the hospice at the Local Intelligence Network (a group of professionals sharing information and best practise for all aspects of healthcare and wellbeing across the peninsula).  Lisa has also attained a senior nurse role on the Inpatient ward as a band 6 nurse developing her knowledge and skills further in leadership.

Her professional development continues (her files show evidence of her continued professional development- wow)!   Lisa has a degree in professional practice alongside her Diploma in Nursing and is our Clinical Services Manager at Band 7.  Lisa is also looking at further study.

In her ‘real life’, Lisa is married to Antoni. In May 2021 they will have been married for 20 years!! Lisa and Antoni love nothing more than their luxury tropical holidays such as Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.

She’s taken an active part in many of our fundraising events  Including a race with our very own hospice mascot, John Bear!!!

There’s a deep respect for her predecessor, Jill Littlewood, who we said farewell to recently.

“Jill has always been very supportive, particularly during the time I’ve been working alongside her in my new role. I have learned so much from her. Jill has told me to do it my own way, which I will, but it’s great to know she is there, as a friend, at the end of a phone if I ever need her.”

Before she left Jill told us , “ everyone is in very safe hands with Lisa”.

We think most of their phone calls will be about Jill’s retirement jollies or Lisa’s next, well deserved, holiday, hopefully somewhere hot!

Lisa is completely ready for the new challenge and Wirral Hospice St John’s is all the better for it.

A very warm welcome to your new role, Lisa!