Here’s Volunteer Peter Lageard: Our multi-lingual friend rides his bike to and from the hospice AND everywhere else!

Published on: 02/08/2022

The ‘Lageard’ name, passed down many generations and with roots spread all across the world, has a motto, Haut et Bon, which in English means, High and Good!

Mr Peter Lageard, who has volunteered at the hospice since early 2018 is far too modest to claim that he, personally, is either high (in the lofty sense) or good!

But, many people here can attest that he certainly is ‘good’ and that he ‘does good’ by the very act of giving his time to, and raising money for, Wirral Hospice St John’s.

He is a massive supporter of ‘green’ initiatives, so much so that he has not owned a car for over twenty years. Hence why, at a sprightly 76 years of age, our Peter Pan is fully equipped to complete some testing distance rides.

He recently completed the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool bike ride to raise some funds for his beloved hospice and at the last count he’d raised another nice £760! Well Done Peter!

He traces his family back as far as the 1600’s to Turin where two Lageard brothers had fled, from France where the Huguenots (of which denomination the Lageards were members) were being persecuted!

So, his grandfather, Alberto Lageard, was born in Turin but moved to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) as a Christian missionary where Dino (Peter’s dad) was born. Eventually Dino moved to South West London and met, Betty, Peter and his brother Robin’s mum.

This gives some idea as to why Peter is multilingual and speaks French, German and Italian.

Peter’s also a keen amateur dramatist, acting in and directing plays for many years. From the Everyman to the Epstein (and further afield) he’s been treading the boards, indulging his passion for performing.

He graduated in physiotherapy and has been a lecturer in the practise across Europe and latterly at Brunel University where partner, Steve, a scouser, also lectured.

They met when Peter was practising at, what is now, Aintree University Hospital between the years of 1977 to 1982. When retirement beckoned for them both they decided that being relatively close to Liverpool was for them again, so they moved to within viewing distance of the city, New Brighton!

For Wirral Hospice St John’s, because of his previous experience of dealing with people in his professional capacity in physiotherapy (pre-Covid) he was one of a valuable group of ‘story-gatherers’ from patients.

People really like being able to chat about their lives, their conditions and their experience at the hospice. It is nice when somebody is a ‘listener’ and can collate people’s thoughts, wishes and outlook. It is so valuable! Highs and Lows, achievements and challenges. It is always interesting for the listener and of incalculable value to the ‘teller.’

Covid has put paid to this for now so Peter still volunteers by helping out on main reception, fielding phone-calls, always presenting an obliging demeanour while directing visitors to find their way.

Thank you very much, Mr Peter Lageard, please know you’re held in HIGH esteem and we know that you’re an all-round GOOD guy.

High and Good? That’ll do for us!

Peter’s Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool bike ride sponsorship page is still open for a short while longer if you’d like to make a donation towards his efforts to help Wirral Hospice St John’s here…

If you’d like to take on a challenge for Wirral Hospice St John’s check out and, as soon as you’re ready, get in touch with our friendly Fundraising team on 0151-343-0778 or and we’ll support you all the way!