Viki Whaley talks about #HospiceatHome #familiesmatter

Published on: 12/06/2014

wirral_hospice_viki_whaleyHaving joined Wirral Hospice St John’s as Ward Manager in July 2012, Viki Whaley has seen her role change substantially. She is now Clinical Manager with responsibility for the integration of Information Technology from a clinical point of view; she is also responsible nursing staff levels and for the Hospice at Home service.

There is a common thread running through these areas: the enrichment of care by integrating all the services a patient might need.

“I see the new build at the Hospice adding huge value to our work By bringing all the health and social care professionals together under one roof we can ensure that work is not wasted through duplication. And by focusing on improving processes we can help nurses spend more time on patient care, which is what everyone wants.”

The new IT system will make a huge difference in speed and efficiency. “All the specialist nurses and district nurses will be using the same system. This will streamline the collection of information, leading to improved communications between all the services.

One of the immediate benefits is that, because of this integrated information trail, issues that might lead to a crisis can be spotted more easily, and interventions carried out before things get critical. The system will allow information to be gathered at the patient’s bedside in the Hospice, or in their own living rooms at home, and yet still be available immediately to the whole team of professionals involved in their care anywhere across Wirral. Obviously this will cut through delays and be of massive benefit to the patients.”

The still relatively-new Hospice at Home service for the Wirral, provided by Wirral Hospice, has been extended by the local Care Commissioning Group for another year. Although Vicki is responsible for it, she is keen to point out that it was actually Pam Lamb who pioneered it at the Hospice and has helped bring it to where it is today.

“During the last year Hospice at Home has really proved to be an important and necessary part of the services we offer, and one which has been welcomed by the community health service and also Wirral University Training Hospital.

The feedback from professionals and, most importantly, users of the service has been gratifying. “We truly hope that we will be able to take the service forward in the future. The work of Hospice at Home service is crucial in identifying potential crises that could lead to hospital or Hospice admission, allaying worries and stress for both patients and their families and carers.

The development and enhancement of Wirral Hospice’s services and buildings are contributing to the vision of a ‘Hospice without walls’, where the Hospice reaches out into the community to provide the highest standard of palliative care to Wirral residents.

“It is a privilege to be part of the Hospice team that provides care and support to our patients, their carers and families. We are here and continue to be here evolving our care because of the generosity of our supporters across Wirral. Thank you for your support of our Families Matter Appeal, it makes such a difference to our charity’s work.”