By land, by sea, by air #hospiceheroes reach new heights for Wirral Hospice

Published on: 30/05/2014

With over £2 million to raise each year from our local community, we can’t put into words how much of an impact our supporters make to the future of Wirral Hospice. We receive fantastic support from incredibly generous individuals through a number of different avenues including legacies, trusts, charity shops, corporate support, regular giving, lottery and community events. For those individuals who chose to support us through means of a more adrenaline-inducing nature, challenge events make up a vital part of our fundraising.

We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to utilize local landmarks for various fundraising activities, including historical Leasowe Lighthouse – a 101 foot 18th century building that is certainly supporting local charities today. During April, many brave individuals faced their fears to raise money for Wirral Hospice, boldly scaling the lighthouse through an abseil. With over 70 people abseiling throughout the day, Wirral Hospice could proudly say that 17 of those 70 were Hospice challengers.

We did not expect to have so many individuals requesting registration forms, wanting to show their support – our numbers tripled! It was a lovely surprise and very touching.SAM_0987

Councillor Ian Lewis took part in support of the Hospice, describing the experience as an opportunity he “just couldn’t pass up”.

“The easy bit was climbing the stairs and coming down. The difficult, rather terrifying part was leaving the safety of the balcony, holding onto the handrail and being told to lean back, when your natural inclination is to lean forward”. With over £600 raised in sponsorship for the Hospice, we’re certainly glad that Ian didn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Some readers may find this slightly off-putting, however it wouldn’t really be a challenge without the fear-factor, would it? Ian shares his advice for future abseilers wanting a piece of the action; “smile for the camera. Oh and don’t look down!”

From 101 feet to 15 miles, the Wirral Coastal Walk is an event that has helped to support local charities within our community for many years. Despite fingers being tightly crossed for another warm, sunshine-filled event, walkers were greeted with a more-than-bracing wind that really increased challenge levels. Luckily our walkers are made of tough stuff and we had no doubt that they would complete the walk with a smile on their face!

Watching thousands of people walk together side by side is a visual reminder of the dramatic impact community spirit can have on local charities. We are extremely lucky to have this rotary-organised event available to us, actively supporting charities and their fundraising.

With our own fundraising benefitting immensely from the Wirral Coastal Walk every year, we are always looking for other local events to add to our calendar. but all raising sponsorship for the same cause. Fundraising events such as these are fantastic opportunities to increase support as they appeal to so many different people.

Hospice supporter Louie Stiles, 12, thoroughly enjoyed the event, showing no fear throughout the entire challenge. Louie’s dad, Rich received care at Wirral Hospice before sadly passing away in September 2012. Through the generosity of his friends and family, Louie zip-wired his way to raising over £500 in sponsorship for Wirral Hospice.

Also zipping his way to making a difference was supporter Ethan Akers, who travelled from Sheffield especially for the event. Taking part to raise money in memory of his Nan, who received care from the Wirral Hospice team, Ethan raised over £300 for Wirral Hospice.

“It is fantastic to see young individuals get involved and support the Hospice by taking part in an activity they may not have thought they would ever do. It is important to engage with the younger members of our community so that they are able to gain knowledge about Hospice care and the importance of the community in supporting it”.

Thank you to all of our supporters who work so hard to support the work of the Hospice. You’re a brave bunch!SAM_1337

To find out more about our forthcoming events or for information about how you can help Wirral Hospice, please call the Fundraising Office on 0151 343 0778.


Author: Kerry Threadgill