Update on Drayton Motors planning application

Published on: 27/05/2014

no_pubA quick update on this topic. Wirral Hospice St John’s have recently been advised by the Planning Officer at Wirral Council that the applicant (Greene King, brewery) has withdrawn their application in relation to the Drayton Motors Volvo garage site. It is understood this is mainly due to them being advised it was looking likely the application would be refused due to 1) planning policy issues and 2) the strength and number of objections. Thank you to all who supported the Hospice in letting our concerns be known. Obviously any applicant has the opportunity to re-submit at a later date so we will keep you updated on any future development applications. Thank you again, your support was overwhelming and very much appreciated!

Author: Teresa Nightingale, on behalf of the staff and trustees at the Hospice

  Our original blog post on the subject: http://wirralhospice.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/wirral-hospice-objects-to-planning-application-to-build-amenity-restaurant-nearby/