Make 2014 the year you say yes!

Published on: 07/05/2014

Have you ever wanted to step outside your comfort zone and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush?

If then answer is yes, then you’re in luck! Wirral Hospice St John’s are looking for brave individuals to take part in a tandem skydive and raise sponsorship for the charity.

Let’s set the scene…jgadbsy_lbeech

You’re walking onto the field and into the holding area, ready and waiting in a jumpsuit and helmet. The parachute pack is secured tightly on your back. You’re being led to the plane and before you know it, you’re not only climbing in, you’re climbing to 10,000 feet.

The views are spectacular and the faces of your companions are even better. 20 minutes of the stunning aerial views and you’re starting to relax. You’re strapped to your instructor, who then taps you on the back – the signal to fix your goggles in place. The door is opening and the noise is loud. Shuffling toward the open tunnel that will take you from plane to ground at 120mph, the fresh wind hits your face and hints at what is to come.  The instructor is sitting on the ledge and you are momentarily out of the plane, head and legs back, waiting to drop…

Then the real fun begins!

To experience your own skydive and raise money for a fantastic cause, call 0151 343 0778 or email to request an information pack today. We guarantee it will be an experience to remember!

Author: Kerry Threadgill