Over £1000 for a haircut!

Published on: 21/10/2013

Simon Hughes wanted everyone to know how much he loved his Nan and so he cut his beloved hair to raise money for Wirral Hospice, where she passed away.

With the support of his friends, family and work colleagues at Stanlow Refinery in Ellesmere Port, Simon raised an incredible £1003.60 in sponsorship for a charity that is close to his heart.

“My Nan experienced a bit of a funny turn just after her 70th birthday and after tests, was told she had cancer. After an operation, it was clear that there wasn’t much else that could be done other than to give her medication and make her more comfortable. Eventually, my Nan went to Wirral Hospice because her own house just wasn’t suitable anymore.

I visited her everyday on my way home from work and was blown away by the energy and happy atmosphere there. Most days I would leave the Hospice with a smile on my face, which on reflection is very impressive considering the situation.

I feel blessed that my Nan got to spend her last weeks there because I think she received the best care possible. I feel the same way about the care my granddad received at Wirral Hospice 7 years ago. I was only young during this time but I do remember how brilliant the staff were. Fortunately my granddad pulled through and has been clear of cancer ever since.

I can’t say I have never felt sad at the Hospice but I can say I have always felt comfort. That is why I chose to raise money for Wirral Hospice St John’s. It is plain to see how much good work takes place there – not just for the patients but for their families too. You can see where the money goes and I think anyone who has ever had someone they love spend time at Wirral Hospice would agree”.

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Images: Simon before, during & after his haircut.