In-house end of life care training for care homes

Aim of Course:

  • To understand the different terms used in end of life care
  • To recognise the signs someone is dying
  • To understand the colour coding system and how to identify disease progression
  • To understand your role in end of life care
  • To understand priorities of care
  • To understand important documentation used in end of life care
  • To be aware of different services that can support you in providing end of life care and how to access them

Target Audience: Any care home staff. All roles welcome.

Date & Time of Course: As and when required.

Duration: Two hours

Course Content:

A brief summary of end of life care within care homes. Supporting staff to recognise when residents are approaching the last twelve months of life and to support them to use advance care planning documents to facilitate a good death and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Number of Places Available: As per care home request

Cost: Free

For more information/ to book: call 0151 514 2331 or email

Venue & Location: Within the care home