A Summer of Care for a Cuppa

Published on: 10/06/2022

Whenever you decide it’s a good time for your Care for a Cuppa party, then please get in touch with our friendly events team at the hospice and they’ll be delighted to furnish you with all the paraphernalia to support your day(s).

You may  want to choose a party time (any time that works for you, in fact) across the summer months to host your Care for a Cuppa party and, by meeting together, maybe organise a little cake sale and/or ask people to donate a little bit to the hospice on the day, you will have a lovely excuse for a natter and a chatter (and cake of course) and be helping your local hospice.

In the past couple of years people have been making memories through Care for a Cuppa and, if you do get together, please share your photos of the day(s) with us. Our staff, volunteers and all of our supporters get a great boost seeing our communities coming together to help us in our mission to continue to bring our specialist care and support services to those people who are often facing the most challenging time of their lives.

So, clink your teacups and chomp your cakes and have a great, Care for a Cuppa, summer 2022.

If you’re planning to host a Care for a Cuppa event for the hospice please check out www.wirralhospice.org/cuppa for all the details of how we can support you