Meet Anita: Hospice Bank Nurse and Super Supporter

Published on: 11/04/2022

Anita with long serving hospice volunteer Bill Collins

The phrase, ‘you can take that to the bank’, is confirmation that a valuable item, or a piece of information, is safe and secure. You can rely on it!

Anita is a Wirral Hospice ‘bank nurse’. She is available almost at the drop of a hat! She will cover holidays and when other nurses might be unwell. She is, by any definition, a dependable person.

Born and bred in Wirral, Anita qualified ‘down south’, in Croydon, having moved down in the mid 1980’s and worked in and around Surrey, latterly as a community nurse, until 1997.

After moving back to the Wirral she worked ‘on the district’ until becoming a Macmillan Lung Cancer Specialist Nurse in 2009. Advising people from early in a life-limiting diagnosis brought her closer to an even deeper appreciation of hospice care services,

“I always knew that the hospice would be a lovely place to nurse. To support people to live as well as they can for as long as they can is such a rewarding vocation. When I had the opportunity to join the hospice ‘bank’ when I came out of a full-time role it meant I could continue to nurse where I can still make a difference to real people’s lives.”

Anita has been filling hospice hours for more than five years now. She is such a hospice advocate that she has helped to raise some significant funds personally, through various challenges including walking, running, cycling and swimming in the last few years.

Anita also made a very heartfelt keynote address in our pre-recorded video for our 2021 Light up a Life commemorations (about 5 minutes and 40 seconds in).

She has been very open, that she, in total harmony with husband Paul and her daughters, is leaving the hospice something in her Will years from now,

“I know, first hand, the love and care that goes into what the people at the hospice do for our patients and their families. It is a wonderful place to work and I want the hospice to be delivering its special, life-affirming, services forever. We, Paul and I, are honoured to be leaving something to it in the future.”

And, now we know, we can take that to the bank!

Thank You so much to Anita and her whole family, and all of our other Legacy Legends, for everything you do for us now and into the future!

If you’d like more details about leaving us a gift in your will please visit 

You can also read Anita’s Story, and a host of other features from around the hospice, in our Spring /Summer 2022 newsletter, From The Heart.