Hospice Supporters Skydive from 15,000 feet

Published on: 25/10/2021

The windchill factor meant that the temperature was closer to 4C, rather than the 12C the thermometer was promising.

That, however, didn’t stop nineteen of our intrepid hospice heroes from fulfilling their brave challenge to ‘tandem leap’ (attached to an experienced parachutist) out of an aeroplane from 15,000 feet.

They’d gathered at the Black Knights Parachute Centre, near Hillam in Lancashire on a bright, but demonstrably cold, Saturday morning.

Some were chattering away their nervousness, others were ‘in the zone’, supremely confident, while a couple were quiet with their own thoughts, all building up to the exhilarating challenge ahead. In truth, their family members, who had also turned up to support, were probably more nervous!.

The Wirral Hospice St John’s Skydive 19 (see gallery below) had been able to view the earliest jump, just after 8am.

The airborne videographers, after filming their customers’ feats of courage, descended first  and expertly landed on their feet – making it all look like a piece of cake. Then, descending from thousands of feet, we saw the professionals bring their human cargo in safely, “lift your feet up”, and, with a short slide across the wet grass on their backsides, they were safely on terra firma.

Soon, our first hero, Angela Yuen, was walking down the short track to the plane next to her professional skydiver. Everybody watched as the plane built up speed over the short (but bumpy, it has to be said) runway and then up, up and awaaayyyyy!!!

Ten minutes later, through the clouds, the parachutes appeared once more. As they each landed cheers went up. We knew which one was Angela because, like all of our heroes, she had her hospice ‘t’ shirt outside the three, four and even five layers they each had on to ward off the cold.

Following Angela, in teams of twos, threes and fours, off they all went for their turn… Mike Yuen, Angela’s brother, his wife, Harriet, and Brother in Law, Lex…, Hannah and Kieran…, Kate and Louise…, Mark James’s fitness squad, including his sister Kim and their friends, Victoria, Hayley, Charlotte, Jo, Kate and Sue…,. and latterly, Holly, Jeff and Jane…

Everyone had a special reason, or was supporting somebody who did, for choosing the hospice for their fundraising.

As they all set off towards the plane their Mums, Dads and friends, who had experienced the specialist care and support of the hospice were firmly in their thoughts.

They all acclaimed, recalling their own loved ones, “This one’s for you.”

Our sensational skydivers were, and always are, Hospice Heroes, in every sense. Thank You brave people.


 If you would like to organise or take part in a hospice challenge please find out more on our events pages at www.wirralhospice.org/eventsandcompanies or contact our friendly events team by calling 0151-343-0778 or email events@wirralhospice.org