Meet our models #3: Anna Christensen #hospice #fashion #show

Published on: 25/09/2014

wirral_hospice_fashion_show_anna_helena_christensenOur third interview is with Anna Menaul, Housekeeping Manager at Wirral Hospice St John’s; she was very excited when asked for an interview and can’t wait for Friday. where she hopes to be queen of the stage.

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

Donning my top hat, that is going to be amazing.

Do you know what you are going to be wearing?

I know what I am wearing on my bottom half… I haven’t been told about the top… that’s worrying me.

Our models are all members of hospice staff – who do you think is your greatest competition?

I think they are all effortless, it is going to be tough keeping up to their high standard

What are you most nervous about?

Falling over, I know everyone says it but definitely falling over.

How are you preparing for the night?

I’m popping on my super high heels all night every night, it’s been like I’ve been standing on a slope for weeks now.

What music are you hoping will play when you debut on the catwalk?

Something 70’s and funky, you know, like the Bee Gees.

 What are you demanding for your dressing room?

Chocolates, loads of chocolate and a hot masseuse for my poor feet afterwards.

Have you perfected your autograph yet?  You are going to need it!

No! I hadn’t thought of that – I’ll get practising.

Finally what do you think of the likeness that has been drawn between yourself and Helena Christensen?

Just one thing – I wish.

If you want to see Anna and the rest of our models strut their stuff at Heswall Hall on Friday 26th September, call 0151 343 0788 or visit one of our Hospice Charity Shops to buy your tickets.  

Author: Jacinta Warwick