Meet our models #1: Julia Evangelista #hospice #fashion #show

Published on: 23/09/2014

Over the next few days we will be revealing exclusive interviews with our models for this Friday’s Battle of the Charity Shops fashion show.  

wirral_hospice_fashion_show_julia_linda_evangelistaThe first of our Hospice Supermodels is Julia Evans – Finance Administrator, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about her exciting début:

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the fabulous outfits- it’s amazing what the shop managers have managed to come up with.

Do you know what you are going to be wearing?

I do know some of what I’ll be wearing – it’s top secret though so I can’t tell you – although I think I am allowed to say I’m pretty excited about my wig.

Our models are all members of hospice staff – who do you think is your greatest competition?

Hayley, without a doubt, Hayley – she has challenged us all to see who can strut the best – she’s got to be pretty confident!

What are you most nervous about?

I am dreading facing that crowd, I’m not used to wearing such high heels – I’m going to be trying so hard not to fall over – fingers crossed I don’t.

How are you preparing for the night?

Don’t worry – there is no preparation needed.

What music are you hoping will play when you début on the catwalk?

Abba – Knowing me Knowing you – definitely, it’s got to be that.

What are you demanding for your dressing room?

Food, lots of food and nibbles – I’m going to be starving!

Have you perfected your autograph yet?  You are going to need it!

In a word… no, I’m sure I’ll manage.

Finally what do you think about the likeness that has been drawn between yourself and Linda Evangelista?

Our hair is similar, but there is no way I am that old!

If you want to see Julia and the rest of our models strut their stuff at Heswall Hall on Friday 26th September, call 0151 343 0788 or visit one of our Hospice Charity Shops to buy your tickets.  

Author: Jacinta Warwick