Buy your loved one a Virtual Valentine's Balloon today and help raise funds for Wirral Hospice.

Compete in our eco-friendly virtual balloon race and raise money whilst having fun from the comfort of your own home. You can name and design your own eco balloon.

Each balloon costs just £3, which will go towards the support of our patients & their families.

Balloons will be setting off on the 14th of February at 12pm from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city of love. The race will last 7 days.

 What you could win?

Your balloon will race against balloons from multiple charities to travel the furthest in 7 days and you could be the lucky winner of one of the following prizes:

1st Prize – £500
2nd Prize - Apple iPad
3rd Prize - 10 x £10 Book Vouchers

The following 3 prizes will be for the winners of those competing for Wirral Hospice only;

4th Prize - £50 Amazon Voucher
5th Prize - Luxury Booze Hamper
6th Prize - £20 Supermarket Voucher

 What is a virtual balloon race?

The virtual balloons are affected by the actual weather conditions over the 7 days. Once your virtual balloon has been “launched” from the Eiffel Towner, you can follow its progress on Google Maps. Remember this balloon race is 100% eco-friendly!

 How do I take part?

It is super easy and fun to take part in the virtual balloon race as it only takes a few steps.

To buy your balloon follow these simple steps:


2) Click ‘Buy Balloons’

3) Sign in or create an account

4) Pick how many balloons you want to enter or give as a gift, Birthday present or just because you want to do something nice.

5) Now you can design your balloon! Choose the colour; pattern, helium contents and rubber thickness- make sure you name it too.

 For every 33 balloons, that we sell will help us fund a day’s wages for one of our Special Palliative Care Nurses.
Can you help us to continue providing care for our community?

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