Charitable Trusts & Large Gifts

We are extremely grateful to the Charitable Trusts, organisations and individuals who support us with grants and large gifts towards equipment and day-to-day running costs.

Types of things we seek funding for are:
Specialist beds
Pressure-relieving mattresses
Bedside recliner chairs
Syringe drivers
Garden furniture for patients and visitors
Vehicles / fuel
Repairs and improvements around the hospice
Washing machines
Kitchen equipment
Staffing costs ie nurses, counsellors, bereavement support

Our list of needs changes year to year so this is not a comprenhensive list. If you are interested in supporting the hospice to help fund equipment or wish to make a large gift towards an aspect of our daily running costs, please call 0151 343 0778 or email thank you.

Thank you to the following for your kind support:
Morrisons Foundation

Please visit our Fundraising Calendar to see our full list of events and activities month by month. If you use social media, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for upcoming events and photos from recent activities.

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