Sunrise on the Summit

Photos from our recent adventure Sunrise on the Summit: Snowdon Night Walk are here.

Fri 8 Sep 10pm until Sat 9 Sep until approx midday 2017: Sunrise on the Summit
Snowdonia night walk/trek
£20 registration, plus request for £150 sponsorship
Or £60 full fee (no minimum sponsorship)

Includes transport from the Hospice to Snowdon, and back to the Hospice

Places are expected to fill up quickly for this stunning night time event with a real treat at the summit watching the sun come up. Call Samantha on 0151 343 0778 to find out more or sign up to Sunrise on the Summit online.

If you, some family and friends, work colleagues or company would like to support Wirral Hospice in some other way, please contact our Fundraising Office on 0151 343 0778.

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