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Our Liscard, Moreton, New Brighton, Birkenhead & West Kirby charity shops are open Tue to Sat 10am-4pm. We hope to re-open our final shop, Claughton, very soon. We'll keep this page updated when it is.

Please note that we cannot at this stage accept stock or furniture donations to any of these locations. This is due to not having the space to safely quarantine donations in another part of these shops.

We are, however, pleased to tell you that we have secured a temporary Donation Centre in Hoylake, which will help us to safely manage donations you can bring to us.


Video of inside Wirral Hospice's Donation Centre

There isn't a limit to the number of bags and boxes people can donate but please can you be mindful that our hospice team will have to carry your donations inside the unit so please can bags not be overfilled. We are sorry but we will not be able to give bags or boxes back when you bring things to us so please only donate items to us in bags and boxes that you do not mind handing in.

We would be delighted to accept the followIng items:

All items need to be clean and saleable please as it costs our charity money to dispose of items that we are not able to sell.

If you have items that would be considered more suitable for textile recycling, please clearly mark any bags as 'rag' so that we can keep those bags separately from stock we need to sort through after the quarantine period.

Furniture collection service:

We are now in a better position to invite supporters to get in touch if you have larger items of furniture you'd like to donate to our charity:

* fire safety labels must still be attached to any upholstery items

Please email with your contact details, a list of the furniture, and photos of the items.

We will then get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss a realistic timeline for when we might be able to come out to collect items.

We appreciate your continued understanding during this challenging period we are all facing.


If you wish to book a slot to bring items to our Donation Centre in Hoylake, please click on the links below. You will be sent an email confirming your booking with details and a map of where you can park to unload your vehicle.


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