What can we recycle?
We can pretty much accept most things to be recycled as we work in partnership with a number of recycling companies to help us raise essential extra funds for our special patient care.

Old and damaged mobile phones, sat navs, games consoles, tablets, cameras, old and broken jewellery, watches, gold & silver, old or new foreign coins & notes, old clothes, old shoes, stamps, printer cartridges. There is even a car recycling company that we have generously received donations from in the past!

Please kindly note that we can no longer accept paper - no companies are paying out for this any longer so it costs us to take them to the local recycling centres.

If you’re unsure on what we can or can’t accept, please contact us to find out more: 0151 343 0778 /, thank you.

Promoting re-use and recycling
In 2017, we were awarded a grant of £5,000 by the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority (MRWA) and Veolia Community Fund, which was set up to help support waste prevention, re-use and recycling projects locally. The grant helped us to publicise our recycling operations, to encourage more donations of pre-loved goods and furniture to our charity shops rather than being sent to landfill. Details of Wirral Hospice's charity shops.

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