PLACE inspection

Would you like to help us assess our premises?

We are looking for people who may have used, or currently use, our Hospice care services to help carry out a PLACE inspection

PLACE stands for: Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment

Our inspection is likely to take place in late April or May and we will be training volunteers on Friday 21st April 2017.

The inspection will look at:

* how clean our Hospice is

* the condition (inside and outside) of our building, and of any fixtures and fittings

* how well our Hospice building meets the needs of those who use it, for example through signs and car parking facilities

* the quality and availability of food and drinks

* how well our environment protects people’s privacy and dignity

* how well our environment supports people with dementia

* how well our environment supports people with a disability

Please note that this in NOT an inspection of the care that we provide

If you would to know more or be involved in our PLACE inspection, please contact Brian Estel 0151 334 2778 /

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