Patient & Family Care & Support

We recognise that our patients and those close to them have many and varied needs. All of our care is meticulously planned and provided by our specialist health and social care professionals on an individual basis. Please discuss your care with any of them at any time. We provide the following support services:

  1. Social work
  2. Counselling
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Occupational therapy
  5. Chaplaincy & spiritual care
  6. Creative therapy
  7. Aromatherapy

We recognise that the carers, families, loved ones and friends of our patients equally may need our support and guidance and provide the following support services:

  1. Family & Friends Support Group
  2. Evergreen Group
  3. Bereavement Support
  4. What to do after bereavement

Please note that we have a 24 hour advice and information line which all Wirral patients with palliative care needs, and their carers and families, can telephone. Click here for more details.

Our Hospice also offers training opportunities to health and social care professionals across its services and they may be present during your appointments or care – you can always ask for them to leave if you do not wish to have them present.

Patient, Family & Carer Information