Leap Year: Extra Day of Care

2020 is a Leap Year, which means that on Saturday 29 February we need to fund an extra day of care.

Per day, it costs £10,301 to provide our specialist care to patients within our inpatient ward, outpatient clinics, wellbeing centre and our hospice at home service.

We will not receive any extra money from our NHS contract, so this means that we have to find the monies to fully fund this day. £10,000 (plus £301!) is a lot of money as you will appreciate, so we are kindly asking for help from our friends across the Wirral community.

How can we raise an extra £10,000?
- If 1,250 supporters spent £8 in one of our charity shops or gift shop
- Or if 667 supporters could make a donation of £15 each 
- Or if 500 supporters could make a donation of £20 each (maybe their first of the new £20 notes?!)
- Or if 193 supporters could sign up to our weekly hospice lottery for just £1 a week (£4.34 a month)
- Or if 84 supporters could sign up to make a regular gift of £10 per month
- Or if 20 supporters (corporate or individual) would like to make a donation of £500 each
- Or 15 teams could sign up to raise £650 in sponsorship by taking part in this year's It's a Knockout (Sun 17 May)

As well as funding a whole day of hospice care, how else could £10,000 help Wirral Hospice?
- 2x specialist beds and pressure-relieving mattresses (we need to replace two or three beds every year)
- 2x hoists to enable us to move patients around safely and to maintain their independence and dignity of care
- 9x syringe drivers, which allows medication to be delivered to patients automatically and at regular intervals (even when they are resting so they are not disturbed)

On top of our daily running costs, we need to spend up to £100,000 a year on replacement beds, recliner chairs, medical equipment, repairs and general restoration of hospice facilities.

Although some NHS funding is received, the majority of our income is donated by individuals, families, groups, local companies and charitable trusts.

Every penny and pound counts in helping us to make a real difference to our patients and those important to them.

Thank you so much for whatever support you are able to give us!

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