Referrals to Inpatients are welcomed from health care professionals for adult patients from the Wirral and Neston areas with advanced, progressive, incurable disease who have complex physical, psychological, spiritual, social and/or care needs.

Patients are generally admitted for up to a two week period to our Inpatients Ward.

Referral can be made by:-

  1. GPs
  2. Hospital Consultants
  3. Specialist Registrars
  4. Integrated Specialist Palliative Care Team
  5. Community Matrons
  6. Site Specific Nurses

Patients can be referred to Inpatients for

  1. symptom assessment and management
  2. complex physical and psychological needs

All Inpatients are discussed and a plan devised so as to address their complex symptoms and needs at our Multi-Professional Disciplinary Team (MPDT) meetings which are held every Monday morning.

In addition, a Consultant Ward Round is carried out each Monday and Thursday morning when each patient is seen by a member of the medical staff, usually a consultant.

Patients are discharged to nursing homes, to their own or family homes, or hospital when they no longer require 24 hour specialist palliative care inpatient provision. Plans for discharge and future care will be discussed on admission.

To refer a patient, please complete all sections as fully as possible of the referral form and return by fax: 0151 343 9589


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