How bereavement may affect you

People who have been bereaved often describe feelings of anger, panic and guilt, in addition to sadness. These feelings may be accompanied by periods of restlessness, especially at night when it is difficult to sleep. You may lose your concentration and things may seem to go wrong or you lose confidence in yourself.

Please, be gentle with yourself. All these are natural reactions to bereavement and are not signs that you cannot cope any more. During this time you may need the support of others. Speaking to someone about how you feel may help you to feel less isolated in your sadness.

This can also be a difficult time for family and friends who, in addition to their own sadness, may be afraid to speak about your loved one in case they upset you. You may need to let others know that you want to talk about your loss in order to receive support.

Some people may find it easier to talk about their feelings and worries to someone outside the family. Asking for help can often be difficult but may be of great benefit to you.

Grief is a very individual process, so do not think that you should experience feelings exactly as described by anyone else. What is important is that you allow yourself time to grieve and deal with your loss in whatever way is right for you.

If you feel you are struggling with your bereavement, please ring 0151 334 2778 and ask to speak to a Bereavement Counsellor.

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