Go Blue 4 Wirral Hospice

Friday 9th October

For this year’s Hospice Care Week, we are asking you to Go Blue 4 Wirral Hospice.

Donate £4 then Decide 4 people to take part. You can donate via Wirral Hospice's virtual collection bucket.

Take a photo and tag us in your social media post!

Facebook @wirralhospicestjohns / Twitter & Instagram @wirralhospice. Or Email to event@wirralhospice.org

Be creative, have fun and help make a difference today.

All things blue!  Wear a blue tie, a blue t-shirt, dress, shoes! Wear a blue wig or paint your face blue! Will you dare to dye your hair blue? How about baking a blue cake or growing a blue flower? Whether it is at home, during exercise, work or at school, Go Blue 4 Wirral Hospice St John’s and please help raise funds this October.

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