Gift in Your Will

April is our Make A Will Month

It is an excellent opportunity for you to make or update your Will following any major changes in your life.

Our Fundraising Manager, Julia Evans, explains why having an up to date Will is so important for enusring that your loved ones are looked after when you are no longer around to do so.

Please see below for our list of our 2018 solicitors:

Jasper Dawson
363 Woodchurch Road
Prenton CH42 8PE
Tel: 0151 608 9078
Wilde & Company
Mr Stephen Wilde
6 Bridge Street
Neston CH64 9UJ
Tel: 0151 353 1899
MGC Solicitors
Andrew McLoughlin
11 High Street
Neston, CH64 9TY
Tel: 0151 336 7405
Claire Currie
236-238 Hoylake Road
Moreton CH46 6AD
Tel: 0151 677 3433
Annie Thomas
1 Temple Square
24 Dale Street
Liverpool L2 5RL
Tel: 0151 306 0067
Maxwell Hodge
Mrs Marie Granby
234 Telegraph Road
Heswall CH60 0AL
Tel: 0151 342 6447
ACS Solicitors (Fully Booked)
Joe Carty
10 High Street
Wirral CH62 7HA
Tel: 0151 346 1375
John-Paul Dennis
23 Hoghton Street
Southport PR9 0NS
Tel: 01704 515 270
Maxwell Hodge
Ms Andrea Ashton
34 Grange Road
West Kirby CH48 4EF
Tel: 0151 625 9154
Jackson Lees
Pam Lewin
44/45 Hamilton Square
Birkenhead CH41 5AR
Tel: 0151 647 9381
A Halsall & Co
Victoria Moody-Smith
507 Pensby Road
Thingwall CH61 7UQ
Tel 0151 648 7111
Guy Williams Layton
Peter Marsh
87 Telegraph Road
Heswall, CH60 0AE
Tel :0151 342 6144
Jackson Lees
Heather Horsewood
3-4 The Quadrant
Hoylake CH47 2EE
Tel: 0151 625 9364
Jackson Lees
Maxine Phillips
90/92 Telegraph Road
Heswall CH60 0AQ
Tel: 0151 342 6273
Campion Solicitors (Fully Booked)
Jackie Campion
4 Milner Road
Heswall CH60 5RZ
Tel: 0151 342 9021
Blain Boland & Co (Fully Booked)
Emily Pullan
102 Whitby Road
CH65 0AB
Tel:0151 355 2645
Jackson Lees
Anne Forrester
Walker House
Exchange Flags
Tel: 0151 282 1700
Blain Boland & Co (Fully Booked)
Emily Pullan
The Green,
Neston Road,
Willaston  CH64 1RA  
Tel:0151 355 2645
Haworth & Gallagher
Cath Kehoe
37/39 Wallasey Road
Wallasey CH45 4NN
Tel: 0151 638 5457


Making a legally valid Will ensures that your loved ones are provided for and you know that your wishes will be carried out.

Properly drawn up Wills can reduce Inheritance Tax and leaving a gift to a charity such as Wirral Hospice St John’s can lower the Inheritance Tax payable on your Estate. It also enables you to make important decisions that affect your family and friends after your death.

There are different ways of leaving a gift in your Will:

  1. Residual legacy: A gift of the remainder (or share of) your Estate, after all other gifts are made and debts cleared.
  2. Pecuniary legacy: A gift of a taxed sum of money
  3. Specific legacy: A gift of a particular named item, i.e. jewellery, painting, etc.

Legacies are an important part of our fundraising and have enabled us to improve and extend our services. After you have provided for family and loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to Wirral Hospice St John’s. All gifts, no matter how small you might think it is, can help us to make a big difference to our charity’s essential care.

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