Advice: Coronavirus COVID-19

At Wirral Hospice St John’s we are constantly reviewing our plans to provide the greatest protection we can to our patients, their families and staff.

In light of the Government’s directives on social isolation and the need to respond to the increasing level of risk of infection from COVID-19 within the health care sector and the community, we have today (06.04.2020) reached the position we have been trying to avoid.

As of 5pm on Monday 6 April 2020, there will be no visiting to patients being cared at Wirral Hospice St John's.

Visiting access may be allowed:
- If a patient is believed to be dying imminently (hours or days), visiting arrangements will be discussed with you. If the patient goes on to improve then visiting retrictions will be put back in place.

Family members may be asked to attend the hospice to collect the patient’s laundry on a weekly basis and this will be dropped off and collected at main reception.

We realise that the reduced access to family members who are in the hospice may be distressing and want to assure you that staff will be as attentive and supportive to their needs as they can be whilst you are not here.

If we can we will support patients to use phone and video calls from their own devices where we can, but attending to nursing and medical needs will be prioritised.

We will endeavour to update one key family member each day on the health and wellbeing of the patient.

We will be continually reviewing these decisions in line with the national need and will provide updates as soon as this happens.

Thank you for helping us stay safe and entrusting the care of your family and friends to us.

Christine Sutcliffe, Director of Clinical Services & Emma Longford, Medical Director 
Monday 6 April 2020



Other hospice services updates:

Outpatients & Wellbeing:
Patients who were due to attend outpatient appointments and/or our wellbeing centre are all being contacted separately to inform you of any changes to the support we can continue to offer you throughout this challenging period. We are not open as normal for outpatients and wellbeing.

Please phone 0151 334 2778 (Mon to Fri 9am onwards) if you are unsure about something or have a support need we might be able to help you with.

Hospice at Home:

Patients and families will be contacted separately to inform you of any changes to the support we can continue to offer you throughout this challenging period.

Please phone 0151 334 2778 (Mon to Fri 9am onwards) if you are unsure about something or have a support need we might be able to help you with.

Family Support Services:

Our bereavement groups are no longer meeting at the present time. Our one-to-one bereavement support is being given by phone where it is possible to do so. We understand this is an extremely difficult time for everyone right now, we hope you are keeping safe and well.

Please call 0151 334 2778 (Mon to Fri 9am onwards) if you would like to speak with one of our family support team.

Catering & the Hub cafe:
We are still providing catering faciities for our patients but our Hub cafe is no longer open to the public.

Wirral Hospice's army of volunteers are amazing and we would not usually be able to run our full hospice service without them supporting us day in day out.

However, during these extremely challenging times, we have asked a great number of our volunteers to politely stay away from the hospice itself if they are in the older age group or at risk category. This is to protect them and their loved ones, as much as it is to limit non-essential footfall here at the hospice and therefore lower the risk of any infection being brought on site or taken into their homes.

We do have a handful of essential roles relating to our patient care services that we still require support with. If you are NOT in the older age group or at risk category, please email for more details, thank you.

All hospice staff are classed as key workers. Frontline staff who are providing essential care for our patients and ensuring the hospice is kept clean and catering services provided, through to office staff whose jobs include administration, financial management, and fundraising during this extremely challenging time.

A great number of staff are required to be on site but, where it is feasible to do so, some office-based staff are working from home. We are trying to limit the footfall here at the hospice to non-essential contact where it is practical for that to be implemented.

Fundraising Supporters:
This is a worryingly difficult financial challenge, as well as for other charities, businesses, individuals and families. We don't yet know the full financial impact it will have on Wirral Hospice St John's but it will be a significant loss of income through charity shop closures and postponed / cancelled fundraising plans, campaigns and activities. These are essential actions we need to do to protect everyone.

We will be looking for support in the future, with various ways that supporters and our local community can help us to come through this at the other end. Our immediate priority remains the safety of and care of our patients, families, volunteers, staff, and supporters.

Charity Shops:
In light of ever more calls from the Government for social distancing and self-isolation, we have taken the responsible decison to close all of our charity shops and hospice gift shop until further notice.

Our community-based team of lottery promoters and collectors are still operating whilst it is feasible to do so. If you are usually visited by a cash collector, it would really help us if you could pay for your subscription over the phone. Please call 0151 334 0348 to make arrangements to pay your lottery membership fees or to sign up to become a lottery member.

Giving Campaigns:
We were in the midst of promoting our annual Make a Will month campaign when the Coronavirus advice about social distancing and non-essential contact came into force. Appointments that had been pre-booked with solicitors will be honoured (remotely or at a later date when public contact is allowed again). Please ring the solicitors directly to see if they still have appointments.

If you'd like to help us by signing up to make a regular gift or by making a one-off donation, your support would be greatly appreciated at this difficult time, thank you.

Fundraising Events:
We have had to postpone a number of hospice events, we are also seeing a whole raft of runs, walks and challenges being postponed and even cancelled. And supporters who had planned to fundraise for us will also be changing their plans. These are difficult times. Latest information about changes to plans can be found in our Fundraising Calendar.

We thank you all so much for the support you are showing us through these unprecedented times of uncertainty. We hope that you are keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe and well  xxx

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