Advice: Coronavirus COVID-19


At Wirral Hospice St John’s, we are constantly reviewing our plans to provide the greatest protection and support that we can to patients, their families and staff. 

In light of the current national lockdown, we have increased restrictions on patient visitors. Plans will be discussed with each patient and those important to them.

We realise that the limited access to visitors while your relative/friend is in the hospice may be distressing and want to assure you that staff will be as attentive and supportive to their needs as they can be whilst you are not here. If we can, we will support patients to use phone and video calls from their own devices where we can, but attending to nursing and medical needs will be prioritised.

Please be aware that if anyone else appears to have different visiting access to that described it will have been risk assessed and for a very specific reason.

We will be continually reviewing these decisions in line with the national picture need and will provide updates as soon as this happens.

If you have any questions about whether you can or cannot visit the hospice, please contact one of our hospice team for advice on 0151 334 2778.

Please help us to stay safe, thank you.

Christine Sutcliffe
Director of Clinical Services

Page last updated 7 January 2021

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