Chief Executive’s Message

To comfort always

Wirral Hospice is a very special place. Founded 30 years ago, it had the express aim of giving palliative care and comfort to cancer patients who were coming to the end of their lives.

As time as gone on, our remit has changed and broadened. Now we help people with all non-curative conditions, and our intention is to assist them to enjoy as long and comfortable a life as possible, even though medicine cannot offer them the means of recovery.

Patient expectations have also altered. Now it is quite apparent that people wish to spend as little time as possible as an inpatient, much preferring their condition to be managed in such a way that allows them to enjoy as high a quality of life as possible, ideally in their own home. With this in mind, patients come to our Inpatients ward for only as long as it takes to stabilise their condition. They often stay for just a few days, rather than a protracted period.

Our specialist professionals reach out to the patients in their own homes, offering medical advice and liaising closely with the community-based teams such as GPs, Macmillan nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and social workers. Where possible they invite patients in to benefit from the support and activities available in Day Therapy.

We have launched our innovative Hospice at Home care, helping patients, their families and carers to access different services smoothly and efficiently, with as little stress as possible.

Families and carers are supported and cared for also, as they, in their turn, have to adjust and cope with the serious condition of a much loved relative or friend.

We are always seeking to improve our care. In particular, we are working with our colleagues and partners in health and social care in order to give our community here in Wirral the comfort of knowing that end of life and palliative care is the best available.

It is only possible to achieve these ambitious aims with the generous support of the public, who are humbling in their efforts to raise funds and also give unstintingly of their time as volunteers.

Thank you so much.

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