Advice & Information

Our advice line is available to all Wirral patients with palliative care needs to telephone at any time. Relatives and carers may also call with the patient’s permission. An experienced registered nurse will answer your call and put you in touch with the most appropriate care and support.

Adviceline:    0151 482 8988

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Please call if you:

  1. require Hospice services and referral information
  2. require more advice regarding Hospice care and support
  3. need advice or information regarding symptoms or symptom management
  4. have concerns about symptoms or symptom management that need to be addressed before the next scheduled visit/appointment
  5. need reassurance for someone who is anxious about a change in their condition

What information may I be asked if I call?

  1. patient’s full name and address
  2. diagnosis
  3. medication
  4. current problems
  5. current support / care arrangements

Please note: it is NOT an emergency service. If urgent medical attention is required, please contact your GP in the first instance. If it is outside your GP’s normal working hours, you will need to contact your GP’s out of hours service.

Patient, Family & Carer Information